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Read and Learn more about Solar Electricity at home. Get news, tricks, tips, and information about renewable/green energy.

No single doubt that Solar is the world’s next generation of electricity/heat source. In most Europeans countries, they have already adapted to this method but not fully.

Spending more than 10k USD on Solar is definitely worth it because it will be a lifetime supply of energy which you will really love. I mean why won’t anyone love the concept? You will even save more than that in the long run if you calculate how much your power company will charge.

Why do I love Solar?

In early 2017, I started my own research work about it in school and I know not only my school needs this knowledge, we all do.

Guess what? The Amount of Sunlight supply daily is more than enough to power the whole world.

Let me be precise, currently, the average panel cannot even absorb up to 20% of the energy through each sunlight which falls on its surface (the P and N-Type Protons)

This Blog is created to help create awareness and help everyone and the sunlight energy conversion grow quick in African countries where there is even more sunlight.

TheHomeSolarPanel is dedicated to giving everyone a head start on the Solar electricity world.

I believe in Nature. I believe.